Zakopane and a wonderland called Morskie Oko

Lot of visitors to Poland visit Zakopane as a day trip from Krakow. We had heard so much about this gateway to the Polish Tatras that we decided to spend couple of days there and explore.

It turned out that our stay was a long 2 kms away from the centrum. As we started towards it, we were treated to this wonderful view on the way. We started having an idea of what was waiting for us in Zakopane.

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Ojców National Park – Poland

Recently, we had the opportunity of visiting the beautiful country of Poland. While in Krakow, we wanted to visit the well known Ojców National Park which is just 16 kms from Krakow and a wonderful location for nature lovers.

Ojców National Park is the smallest national park of Poland with around 15 sq.kms in area. However, it makes up for it’s small size with it’s serene beauty.

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To Brocken – Hiking in Harz

Harz is the highest mountain range in northern Germany and is the base of many fairy tales featuring mountains, streams, forests and witches. The Harz National Park extends over the German states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

The protected area is an abundance of forests, magnificent greenery, ever flowing streams and wildlife. It also provides for an excellent location for people looking to hike and ride while enjoying nature at it’s best.

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Hiking in Rügen – Cliffs and woods

Of all the few people who have heard about the island of Rügen, the first thing they would talk about are the chalk cliffs. Although the primary reason for visitors to take a trip to Rügen, the chalk cliffs are not the only attraction in this beautiful island.

Located in the extreme north-eastern corner of Germany, Rügen is the largest island of Germany by area and extremely charming and picturesque.

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