Tales of Slovenia – Bled

One cannot run out of words to describe Bled. Its that good. Located in the north-west Slovenia, this place is as graceful and beautiful as possible. This October, we were finally able to visit Bled. The crowds were absent, it was quiet and it was fall time, so an abundance of colours all around.

Bled can be reached by regular buses from Ljubljana which takes people to the centre of Bled. From Ljubljana by train, the nearest station to Bled is Lesce-Bled which is almost 4-4.5 kms from the Bled centre. Also, the station Jesenice is the stop for people coming from the direction of Austria, which is about 3kms from the Bled centre.

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Eltz Castle

One never gets tired of visiting castles in Europe and specially Germany. Some are well known and make their way to the “10 places you should ….” lists in various blogs and sites, however there are many others which are nestled somewhere between hills and forests, enchanting visitors for centuries.

The Eltz Castle of Germany is one such structure which definitely is worth a visit. The Eltz family erected a dwelling on this site over a thousand years ago on a massive rock. To visit the castle by public transport, one needs to travel by train to Moselkern station on the Koblenz – Trier route and then hike 5 kms to the castle.

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