Petra – The wonder city

After our attempt to explore Jordan was interrupted by a small accident, we were back to the country exactly after a year in April and were determined to complete what we had started.

Day 1

After reaching Amman airport at around 2 am in the morning, we had couple of options to get to Wadi Musa, the city outside Petra. One option was to take a cab to Amman city and then the 6:30 am JETT bus to Petra or to take a direct cab to Petra. Although the cost of the bus route is about two thirds of the direct cab route, we decided to take the direct cab. The cab office provided us with a receipt for the journey and we were saved from any haggling with the driver.

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Tales of Egypt – The pyramids

Ok. Egypt needs no introduction. The mysterious and enchanting tales of this land has mesmerised people all over the world. From the pages of our history books to documentaries, we have all wondered about the feeling of being able to witness the marvels of the ancient Egyptian civilisation which still stand proudly today after thousands of years.

A typical pyramid exploration day begins from Cairo and starts at the site of Saqqara. After a full day of exploring the lesser know pyramids, the day ends in Giza where, with the light of the setting sun, the great pyramids cast their shadows on awestruck visitors.

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