Tales of Slovenia – Adventure tour of the enchanting Križna Cave (video)

During our travel in Slovenia, we had the opportunity to visit the Križna cave. The cave system is a extensive one and a unique feature of visits to this cave is the opportunity to explore the cave by crossing thirteen lakes. The tour depends on the water level of the cave. We were extremely lucky to be able to experience it as the tour was possible only for few days in October. Before our visit, there was not enough water to operate the dinghies and after our visit the water level had risen to dangerous levels. 

Check out our video of this amazing adventure !!

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Tales of Slovenia – The Emerald River adventure

After our exploration of Bled and underground mine adventure, we had one day left in Bled to see as much as we could. After going through a lot of tour offerings by the local operators, we decided to go with the “Emerald river tour” offered by Mamut. It was gonna be a long day starting at 8 in the morning.


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Tales of Slovenia – Bled

One cannot run out of words to describe Bled. Its that good. Located in the north-west Slovenia, this place is as graceful and beautiful as possible. This October, we were finally able to visit Bled. The crowds were absent, it was quiet and it was fall time, so an abundance of colours all around.

Bled can be reached by regular buses from Ljubljana which takes people to the centre of Bled. From Ljubljana by train, the nearest station to Bled is Lesce-Bled which is almost 4-4.5 kms from the Bled centre. Also, the station Jesenice is the stop for people coming from the direction of Austria, which is about 3kms from the Bled centre.

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Tales of Slovenia – The wonderland of Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is gonna be one of the first suggestions for places to visit when in Bled, in a Google search. The reason for this can only be understood, when one actually visits the place. There are numerous mesmerising photographs of this place in the internet, however, its much more beautiful than in the pictures.

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