Tales of Egypt – Adventure in Bahariya Oasis and White Desert

Among topics of ancient civilisation, temples and mind blowing Red sea diving, the mention of natural beauty of Egypt sometimes gets lost. Most visitors to Egypt keep their travels along the Nile which they definitely should. After all, the river is what has kept Egypt nurtured and nourished for thousands of years and has helped create its history.

However, Egypt has lot more to offer for the more intrepid travellers and what better place to go exploring than the deserts of Egypt. At about 370 kms from Cairo, lies the Bahariya Oasis, the Black and the White desert, where some exceptional experiences wait for travellers.

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Trekking in the Atlas mountains – Summiting Mt. Toubkal

I just love being outdoors. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than to go trekking. Although there are options to hike in the winter in Europe, mountain climbing is definitely out of the question. What do we do then? We look for nearest possible alternatives.

One of the nearest locations with excellent trekking possibilities is the Atlas mountains in Morocco. The mountains are clearly visible from the city of Marrakesh including the highest point, Toubkal. However, to get a better view and experience, one needs to make a 70 kms journey by road to the village of Imlil, at the foot of the mountains.

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Exploring the Maltese islands

Let me be frank, we never knew how much the Maltese islands have to offer until we reached there. Beaches, monuments, thousands of years of known history, natural spectacles, you name it and it is there in Malta. A bunch of traveller’s delight in couple of tiny islands.

One immediately gets a feel of the modest nature of Malta after landing at Luqa airport where one needs to walk to the terminals from the aircraft. There are relatively cheap cabs to all parts of the island and an excellent network of bus transport system.

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Hiking the Sucha Bela trail in Slovenský Raj

Northern Slovakia is filled with unusual and natural wonders. One just needs to have the time and willingness to explore them. Slovenský Raj or Slovak Paradise National Park is one such natural beauty which has numerous trails for hikers. After visiting the Belianska Cave and Štrbské Pleso we decided that this was going to be our next experience.

The best thing about these trails is that they are not the usual walking paths, they have been specially made by installing metal and wooden ladders, iron planks, iron chains and many more so that visitors can experience nature and venture into places which would not have been possible otherwise.

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Štrbské Pleso and hike to Skok waterfalls

After our wonderful experience in the Polish Tatras, the next stop in our trip was in Poprad, a small city in northern Slovakia which is better known as the gateway to the Slovak High Tatra mountains.

Although Poprad itself has not much to explore, it is an ideal location to stay and explore the High Tatras along with the some attractions to the east.

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The enchanting Belianska Cave

The Belianska Cave is the only cave open to the public in the Slovak Tatra region. Located in the village of Tatranska Kotlina, the cave is an excellent natural wonder which attracts numerous visitors.

After reaching Poprad on our trip, we had so many places to visit that we could not make up our mind about which one to visit first. Finally we decided on Belianska Cave and we hopped in the bus from Poprad to reach Belianska in 40 mins.

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