Rain Dropz is the travel journal and adventures of Anirban and Ankita.

Anirban is a technology professional working in Frankfurt, Germany at present having worked previously in Hamburg, Singapore and Bangalore. Although a lot of his friends think of him as a techie, Anirban considers himself to be a techie just by profession and a traveller, explorer, adventurer and thinker at heart. No amount of travel is just enough for him and he has travelled to 25 countries already.

Ankita is Anirban’s partner in (crime), life, adventure, travel and just anything you can think of. She is equally enthusiastic about travelling as Anirban is ready for all sorts of crazy adventures that the two can think of.


Hailing from India, the two have known each other since they were kids and after couple of years of being committed, they got hitched and have been together since. They have travelled to 16 countries together and want to take the count to 100.

Join us in our adventures around the world at RainDropz !

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