Tales of Slovenia – Experience the Postojna Cave (video)

If you visit Slovenia, there is absolutely no way that you won’t come across a poster or someone who suggests or rather persuades you to visit Postojna cave. Many might say that the attraction is over hyped.

Postojna cave system is massive in size, and one of the richest in stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, curtains, etc. The reason that it is so talked about is the fact that it has been made very accessible to tourists. There are multiple restaurants at the location, numerous gift and souvenir shops and much more. Apparently, from the outside it does not look at all like the entrance to a cave. Although these things will be a major turnoff for adventurers or cavers, most tourists are quite happy about it.

We decided to go for an adventure tour of Postojna cave combined with the Black cave and the Pivca cave. It was a guided tour through artificial tunnels which connect the caves and were built between the world wars as military projects when POstojna was part of Italy. Although there wasn’t much ‘adventure’ in the tour, we got to see much more than the usual tour for exactly double the price. For a much more adventurous cave experience, head to Križna cave.

Another amazing attraction in Slovenia is the Skocjan cave system. This is a cave system which is like none other that we have visited. The primary attraction of the cave is a 100m high gorge where visitors can walk on a pathway at 50m height while enjoying the river below and the cave ceiling towards the top. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside the cave so here is a single photo at the exit of the cave.


Although most tourists visit Postojna as a day trip from Ljubljana, I would suggest a stay in Postojna. There are number of places to see in and around Postojna and a single day is definitely not enough.

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