Tales of Slovenia – The Emerald River adventure

After our exploration of Bled and underground mine adventure, we had one day left in Bled to see as much as we could. After going through a lot of tour offerings by the local operators, we decided to go with the “Emerald river tour” offered by Mamut. It was gonna be a long day starting at 8 in the morning.


Unfortunately, the morning was heavily overcast and our visit to the Bohinj lake was fruitless because of this. We could just see a part of the lake without any of the mountains surrounding it. The next part of our tour was to take a train ride across the mountains and the interesting thing was that our tour vehicle would go with us on the train and we would be seated in side the vehicle the entire time.


We found out that this route takes much less time to reach the destination than the road route. Although it is mostly used by tourist vehicles nowadays, few locals also do use it.


As we were starting to wonder if the whole day would stay overcast, the weather God smiled upon us and we could see the Sun peeping from behind the clouds from time to time.

We then reached the Soča river and crossed the bridge to reach the Kozjak waterfall.



The place was so quiet except for the roar of the waterfall. In summers, this place is always crowded with hundreds of visitors and swimmers. I know why. Just look at the colour of the water.


Our guide for this tour was a real tour enthusiast. Although he showed signs of sudden crazy fits of driving, he did well for the entire duration of the trip. An active and jolly fellow.


We were then taken to another part of the “Emerald” Soča river where generally the tourist rafting activities end.


On the way, we also got to see the Boka waterfall. Due to less rains, there wasn’t too much water. However, during the rainy season, the intensity of the water increases few folds and the place from where we were watching the waterfall also goes under water.


The next stop on our trip was the Virje waterfall. This place was not on the list of the places that we were supposed to see but as the Boka waterfall did not have much water, our guide decided to take us to this place instead. Usually the water in this place is green but due to some unknown reason it was muddy on the day we visited. Its was still a beautiful waterfall and we were the only people visiting this place at that time.


The next place we were gonna visit was the “Izvir Soče” or the Source of the Soča river. Our guide warned us well ahead that this would be a tough route to the source as we would have to use both hands to hold on to a rope while we made our way along the side of the hill with very little foothold. As we made our way, we found out that every word of his was true. We had to be very careful about where we stepped as a little carelessness could send us tumbling down.



However, after lot of effort and determination we did reach the source and it was a unique sight.


On the way back, as I held on to the rope, this jaw dropping view was there in front of me. It was really dangerous to try to click a photo, but I simply couldn’t resist. It was that beautiful.


We were nearing the end of the day and were quite exhausted from all the activities of the day, but our tour had few more places to be seen. After number of hair-pin bends we reached the top of the mountains, the Vršič Pass.


After we’d enjoyed our ‘top of the world’ feeling it was time to click away to our heart’s content.


On the way back, we stopped at this cute little Russian chapel built by Russian prisoners of war during World War I.


The last stop on our tour was Jasna Lake. Its a small lake with beautiful mountains surrounding it.


One of the attractions of this place is the “Zlatorog” or the golden horned mountain goat which is also a symbol of the Slovenian Alps. It is believed that if one makes a wish by touching the horns of the goat, it might come true.


After being on the trip for almost 10-11 hours, it was now time for us to end the trip. I guess we made the right choice by going for this trip as it would not have been possible for us to visit so many places in the same day without this tour.

Although the area around Bled has much more to offer than what we were able to see, I believe we we able to cover a lot of places. I guess we’ll need to be back to Bled at some point of time to visit the rest of the places.

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