Tales of Slovenia – The wonderland of Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is gonna be one of the first suggestions for places to visit when in Bled, in a Google search. The reason for this can only be understood, when one actually visits the place. There are numerous mesmerising photographs of this place in the internet, however, its much more beautiful than in the pictures.


This place is around 4-5 kms from Bled. Although one can walk this distance comfortably, there are other options to visit Vintgar Gorge. There are regular tours operated by the local tour companies and some of them let you rent e-bikes to visit the place on your own. There are also public transports which can take you near the place but information for the same are not very clear.


We ended up taking the hourly shuttle operated by the tour company “Mamut”. They are located at the central bus station in Bled and allow two hours to explore the Gorge which is quite a lot of time unless you’re looking to paint the beautiful gorge or write a poem.


Before visiting this place, I had come across few articles and blog posts which said that during summer, the place was so crowded that the charm of the place went missing. We were lucky to have visited the Gorge in early October and we almost had the place to ourselves with occasionally crossing path with other visitors.


The entire length of the Gorge is a 1.6 kms trail with wooden walkways and natural paths. The river running is the Radovna river which created the Gorge.


The water is so clear that one can see each and everything happening in the river bed. Although the water level is not very high in this season, one can realise the clarity of the water.


Although the pictures can provide an idea of the beauty of the place, it cannot do justice to the experience of actually being there. The continuous sound of the rushing water adds to the experience.


There are two waterfalls at the end of the Gorge. The first definitely looks much more beautiful but it also has an artificial look due to the constructions around it.


The trail ends at the Šum waterfall which is 13m high.


Although we spent much less time clicking photos on the way back, how can one not click a few more in a place like this?


After all the photographs, I don’t think Vintgar Gorge needs anymore description. So next time you’re in Bled, make sure to be here as soon and as early as you can. This wonderland awaits you.

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