Fall in love with Heidelberg

In January, we had the opportunity to visit Heidelberg for the first time. It was cold, snowy and we got a look at this beautiful city in a complete different perspective. We decided to spend a night in the city so we could have a full day to explore the castle and the surroundings.


As we arrived in the city, we got hold of the Heidelberg card which allowed us unlimited travels on public transport for couple of days, a ride on the funicular to the castle and also a  visit to the castle premises. On the first day, we went straight up to Königstuhl, the highest point of the funicular track from where one can have an aerial view of the city.


There was quite a lot of snow at the top and people of all ages were enjoying it to their fullest. After exploring quite a length of one of the hiking trail, we decided to get back to the funicular station.


Although the temperature wasn’t too low, the weather was freezing, and what better way to warm up in such weather than a cup of awesome Glühwein.


After waiting for some time for the coach to climb up to the station, we were on our way down.


In spite of the freezing evening, we walked all the way to the other side of the river to get the most photographed view of the Heidelberg Castle. After a wonderful Thai dinner at the restaurant Phuket, we called it a day.


The next morning, we woke up to a wonderful sunny day. We started our exploration of the Castle.


We got a wonderful view of the city along with the Neckar river and the old bridge.


To be frank, I wasn’t really excited to visit the castle as the architecture of the Heidelberg castle is really different from the other fairy tale castles of Germany. However, I have to admit that I was very very wrong.


The architecture of the castle is really unique and very different from most other castles in Germany. It resembles a fortification.


As we entered the castle premises, we realised that we did not buy tickets for the hourly English guided tour of the castle and we had to get back to the shop and buy them.


The inner premises of the castle is quite big and we also got to visit the German Apotheke museum.


Another attraction of the castle is the massive wine barrel built in 1751. Although it was never used for storing wine, this massive barrel is one of it’s kind.


After exploring the inner premises of the castle we got to see the other side of the castle as we walked towards the castle gardens.


After snapping another view of the city below, we took the funicular back to the lower station.


The sun was about to set over the river and we were on the old bridge just in time to experience it.


I came to Heidelberg not expecting much from one of the most visited places from Frankfurt. However I was left spellbound by the wonderful vibe of this most extraordinary city and it’s castle.


As we got back to the Hauptbahnhof to board our bus back to Frankfurt, I knew deep down inside that I will visit this place some time again.

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