A chilly evening in Frankfurt

Its no news for most people that after a relatively less cold winter last year, this year the chilly winter is back in Europe with snow in unusual places. After the festive Christmas and New Year celebrations, cities are again calm and quiet with the chill setting in. We set out on a quiet weekend evening to roam around Frankfurt.


As we started out from Konstablerwache train station, we found quite a number of people on the Zeil street. Of course it makes sense as it is the hot shopping destination for Frankfurt. However, as soon as we diverted from Zeil, most of the narrow streets were near about empty with only a handful of people visible here and there, most of them shoppers and tourists.


As we kept moving towards Römerberg, the sight of wonderful and heavily priced antique items in shops made us stop and look for a while as the sound of a group of party people could be heard lending their voices along with the classic track of “Macarena”.


Souvenir shops have still got the wonderful Christmas items available reminding people of the just ended festive season.


As we stood in Römerberg, we recalled that just a month back the place was teeming with visitors and tourists in the Christmas market and now it was dark and dull with just a few souls like us wandering around.


It was then that it started snowing all of a sudden. It was magical and at the same time quite chilly.


Next we started walking towards the Eiserner Steg, the beautiful foot bridge over the river Main. By this time it had started snowing quite a lot and a strong wind accompanied it.



The always crowded bridge on the Main river was near about deserted on this day with a total of less than ten people on it. We were really surprised by a couple of joggers who had chosen to set out on their daily routine even in this freezing weather.


My hands had started to become numb by this time from holding the camera in the freezing weather. Yet I could not help but capture the beautiful Main river with one of the many bridges.


We then made our way back from the bridge as it had become unbearably cold. The wind and snow showed no sign of slowing down.


We rushed towards the train station and I shoved my numb red hands inside the pockets of my jacket to get some relief.

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