Exploring the Maltese islands

Let me be frank, we never knew how much the Maltese islands have to offer until we reached there. Beaches, monuments, thousands of years of known history, natural spectacles, you name it and it is there in Malta. A bunch of traveller’s delight in couple of tiny islands.

One immediately gets a feel of the modest nature of Malta after landing at Luqa airport where one needs to walk to the terminals from the aircraft. There are relatively cheap cabs to all parts of the island and an excellent network of bus transport system.

The Blue Grotto

There are extensive bus connections to the attractions in the islands and if you want to avoid long bus journeys, you can board the Hop On Hop Off tourist buses which will take you right to the attractions.

The Blue Grotto is a unique structure to the far south of Malta and comprises of a number of sea caverns. Although it looks amazing from the top, the real beauty of the Grotto can be seen only with boat rides to the caverns.

Cliff at Blue Grotto

Not only the Blue Grotto, but the entire area along the shoreline has wonderful view to offer. One just needs to explore.

Cliff at Blue Grotto

Not far from the Grotto, are the megalithic temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra. These structures with a history of over 5000 years are true spectacles.

Hagar Qim Temple
Hagar Qim Temple

These temples date back to thousand years before the pyramids of Egypt. It was a truly amazing experience at these wonderful structures.

Hagar Qim Temple
Mnajdra Temple

It was great to see the government of Malta taking lot of measures to preserve and maintain these sites.

Mnajdra Temple
Mnajdra Temple

On moving further west we arrived at the Dingli cliffs.

Dingli Cliffs

Although the best way to enjoy the cliffs are from boats, one can get some views of the cliffs along with a beautiful sunset from here.

Dingli Cliffs

The next day we decided to visit the Comino island which is better known for the blue lagoon. There are private ferry services from the Cirkewwa terminal to the Comino island. The ferry ride is a wonderful experience where smaller boats brave the high waves and make their way to the island.

Blue Lagoon – Comino Island

The island is a true paradise with turquoise blue water, a perfect place to lie down or swim.

Blue Lagoon – Comino Island
Blue Lagoon – Comino Island

Although not many people do this, but the shoreline at the Cirkewwa terminal provides opportunities to experience majestic sunsets and wave splashes as high as multi storeyed buildings.


Finally it was time for us to visit Gozo. The ferry ride between Malta and Gozo is a wonderful experience. Sometimes its downright scary when the boat goes up and down in the huge waves and sea water splashes in from both sides of the boat, but at the same time it is quite adventurous.

Gozo Island

After spending some time at the crafts village in Gozo and picking up some souveneirs we headed stright for Dwejra Bay.

Fungus Rock – Dwejra Bay

As it was nearing sunset, the light was extraordinary after a mostly cloudy day and we were able to get mind blowing views of the Fungus rock and the Azure window.

Fungus Rock – Dwejra Bay

The wind was actually not letting anyone stand at one place and the wave splashes it created were enough to drench us from head to toe.

Azure Window – Dwejra Bay

We got treated to a magical sunset along with the mad waves in front.

Sunset at Dwejra Bay
Azure Window – Dwejra Bay

After a final experience of the Azure window we made our way back.

Although Malta may seem like couple of tiny islands, don’t be fooled by it’s size. It has loads to offer for travellers of all tastes.

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