The mighty High Tatras of Slovakia

A trip to the Tatras is never complete without a visit to Lomnicky Peak. It is the second highest peak in Slovakia after Gerlachovsky Peak and the best thing is that it is readily accessible via cable car.

As we made our way towards the cable car station, the mighty mountain emerged in front of us. It was magical. The first cable car station is at Tatranska Lomnica with two intermediate stations in between called Štart and Skalnate Pleso before it reaches Lomicky Peak.


As we were buying the tickets, we were informed that all the slots to visit Lomnicky Peak were already booked on that day. We were extremely disappointed but decided to see something instead of nothing. We bought tickets for Skalnate Pleso, the station before the Peak and after reaching there, we found out why there were limited slots on the cable car to the peak.

It was one of the most dangerous cable car route that I have ever seen. The cable car takes a route which has a 800m drop at the highest point and there is just one compartment which goes up and the same one comes down again.


We then found out that there was a mini cable way that took visitors to another point between Skalnate Pleso and Lomnicky Peak called Lomnicky Sedlo. Visitors who are not able to get a ticket to the peak often go there and are able to get some views at the least. We decided to do the same. It was a scary but wonderful ride.


Once we reached Lomnicky Sedlo, it was magnificent views everywhere we looked.


We got our first view towards the back of the mountain range and it was amazing. Mountains of all shapes and sizes stood tall and proud with the clouds playing with the light.


We kept walking along the ridge but it seemed never ending. After walking for quite some time, we decided to turn back. We even got to see some live paragliding action from there.


After spending some time at Sedlo, we got back to Skalnate Pleso and then back to Tatranska Lomnica. Although we could not visit Lomnicky Peak, we at least got some views of the Slovak Tatras up close.


If you want to experience breathtaking views paralleled to the beautiful mountains of Switzerland and without the usual crowds, look no further and visit the Tatras on your next trip.

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