Štrbské Pleso and hike to Skok waterfalls

After our wonderful experience in the Polish Tatras, the next stop in our trip was in Poprad, a small city in northern Slovakia which is better known as the gateway to the Slovak High Tatra mountains.

Although Poprad itself has not much to explore, it is an ideal location to stay and explore the High Tatras along with the some attractions to the east.

The most common place to visit from Poprad is Štrbské Pleso. There are half hourly trains throughout the day to visit this place. It is a beautiful lake with the Slovak Tatra mountains behind.


There are number of hiking trails which start from Štrbské Pleso. The lake itself is immensely beautiful and as we hiked around it, we were able to find number of vantage points to get different views of the lake.


We wanted to visit Skok waterfalls from Štrbské Pleso which is a 4.5 kms hike one way.


After asking few people about the direction to the waterfall (it turned out that some of them had no idea which way it was but confidently pointed at the wrong direction), we started our hike.


The route was wonderful with lots of variations along the way.


There were some wonderful looking mushrooms on the way but one needs to keep a sharp eye to spot them.


When the trail is so beautiful, one does not feel the exhaustion of hiking at all.


One can often spot climbers on these mountains testing out their skills.


As we hiked upwards, the panoramic view of the mountains and the valley below seemed second to none.


We were starting to feel a bit exhausted and kept anticipating as to when we would be able to see the waterfall and it was then that we could spot it from far away.


As we approached further, the whole place seemed just magical.


We climbed to the top of the waterfall via a rocky trail and were able to capture this view on the way.


The waterfall is astonishingly beautiful. We sat on the rocks below for quite some time to enjoy the view and the sound of the water.


As dark clouds started to hover above us and the sun was about to set, we started for our way back to Štrbské Pleso. As we approached the train station, we caught one last view of the beautiful lake along with the mountains and the clouds.


For anyone visiting the Slovak Tatras, I’m quite sure that you’ll visit Štrbské Pleso. However, if you’re able to take some time and visit Skok waterfalls, I can assure you that you’ll be rewarded with some of the best views of your life.

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