The enchanting Belianska Cave

The Belianska Cave is the only cave open to the public in the Slovak Tatra region. Located in the village of Tatranska Kotlina, the cave is an excellent natural wonder which attracts numerous visitors.

After reaching Poprad on our trip, we had so many places to visit that we could not make up our mind about which one to visit first. Finally we decided on Belianska Cave and we hopped in the bus from Poprad to reach Belianska in 40 mins.

After grabbing a good Slovak breakfast in one of the few restaurants at the stop, we made our way towards the cave via a short but steep trail of 1000 m.


The cave can only be visited by a guided tour and are run at certain intervals. As soon as the cave door was opened, a sudden gust of chilly air blasted us from inside the cave.


Our guide was a pretty lady who sounded really informed about the cave. Half of the people in the group were Slovak and half were Polish. Unfortunately we were the only English speaking people in the group and were asked to follow the English information sheet given to us. Maybe she spoke both Polish and Slovak for the group but we didn’t know either.


However, that did not stop us from getting awestruck by the wonderful cave.


One of the best features of the cave is the light installation. It is done so perfectly that it projects a wonderful view of the natural beauty of the cave.


Some of the places seem too magical to be true. The length of the cave tour is 1370 m and takes around 70 mins.


It takes visitors through mesmerisingly beautiful natural structures which would have been unreachable to most of the visitors if it was not maintained so well.


At some of the places, the cave formations are huge and take artistic forms.


We then reached the Palm Hall where we found pagoda shaped stalagmites.


After reaching the highest point of the cave, it was time for us to go downwards which led us to more beautiful formations.


We then came across this rare formation where a stalactite and stalagmite is very close to forming a pillar, maybe in few decades or even a century.


And then we could watch wonderfully formed pillars from millions of years of formations. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Such intricate structures formed by millions of years of natural phenomenon.


One of the last attractions of the tour was the music hall which ideally got it’s name from sounds of falling water droplets in the huge hall.


To demonstrate the superior acoustics of the music hall, we were treated to some wonderful music and light show here.


Finally it was the end of the tour and we were on our way back towards the entrance.


Even then the cave was not done with us. It still kept us mesmerised by it’s enormity and intricate and artistic formations.


Belianska cave is a natural marvel and should be experienced by every traveller visiting the Tatra mountains.

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