Krakow – City with a medieval touch

A major stop in our recent trip to Central Europe was Krakow. We’d  heard wonderful things about this place and we wanted to check it out first hand. Moving from Warsaw to Krakow, we felt a complete change. Krakow was nothing like Warsaw. It was much more cozy and had a medieval touch in itself.


Located right in the centre of the Rynek Glówny or the market square is the Cloth hall. In spite of its name, the hall is houses numerous shops selling mostly souvenirs like handicrafts and amber jewelry (a specialty in Krakow).


One can spend hours just in this hall shopping and getting some stuff for themselves. I would say there is something for everyone here.


In the square, there are majestic horse carriages ready to take you on a royal trip around the streets of Krakow old town.



We also got treated to some cool display of levitation.


And needless to say, there are numerous options to satisfy your taste buds.


There were some wonderful musical performances too


We were also able to get a night view of a part of the Wawel Castle. The streets outside the market square at night are mostly quiet and deserted.


The next day we set out on a walk around the Jewish quarters which are a must visit in Krakow. This part of Poland is considered to a be one of the most tolerant of beliefs and houses a good number of Jewish population.


There are other places to visit such as Oscar Schindler’s factory and house (the one from the movie ‘Schindler’s List’)


Krakow is definitely a shopper’s paradise. Of course there are brands and shopping chains in malls such as Galeria Krakowska, but to me the more unique shops can be found in the streets around the market square.


St. Mary’s Basilica is another primary attractions located right on the market square and is a great addition to the wonderful view of the square.



The Wawel castle is a must visit for visitors to Krakow. The castle premises are huge and takes quite some time to explore along with the cathedral and treasury.


One can get a view of the beautiful Vistula river from the other end of the castle premises.



Krakow is a gem of a city and it does get it’s fair share of tourists from all around Europe and from elsewhere. Next time you’re in Krakow, don’t forget to take enough time and explore this beautiful city.

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