Eltz Castle

One never gets tired of visiting castles in Europe and specially Germany. Some are well known and make their way to the “10 places you should ….” lists in various blogs and sites, however there are many others which are nestled somewhere between hills and forests, enchanting visitors for centuries.

The Eltz Castle of Germany is one such structure which definitely is worth a visit. The Eltz family erected a dwelling on this site over a thousand years ago on a massive rock. To visit the castle by public transport, one needs to travel by train to Moselkern station on the Koblenz – Trier route and then hike 5 kms to the castle.


The parking spot is 2.5 kms from the castle and the path is absolutely beautiful. The hike is quite easy for people of all age groups and equally enjoyable.


The calm and pristine forest and the stream add to the experience.


The elevation is very moderate and one does not feel the climb at all, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the view and the surroundings.


The place provides for complete family day trips.


And once you start wondering that if there is really a castle at all, there it is right in front of you, the Eltz Castle.


The place being in the south west area of Germany, is a very popular trip for tourists from Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The castle is actually in the lap of nature. The castle is the only thing one can see in the surrounding hills.


A visit inside the castle is only possible with a guided tour and fortunately there are English guided tours too. The queues can be quite long as you can see.


Over time, three separate branches of the Eltz family (Ruebenach, Rodendorf and Kempenich) built their homes in the castle complex from the 14th to the 16th century.


There also exists a treasury with a collection of over 500 objects made of gold, silver, porcelain, ivory, glass and many more.


There are quite a few vantage points to enjoy and photograph the different views of the castle. The architecture and the view is nothing short of spectacular.


As we prepared to leave, we caught a last view of the castle.


As we found out, Eltz castle is visited by quite a high number of tourists and locals and the castle still stands high and proud, giving people an opportunity to experience its history and beauty.

7 thoughts on “Eltz Castle

  1. Oh, you went to Burg Eltz! My favorite castle! You know what, this castle inspired me to write my second book which is coming out in 3 weeks. I visited Burg Eltz 8 years ago (for my birthday, this is where I had my birthday cake) and I absolutely loved it. I am so happy to see this post! Thank you!

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