Gorgeous castles of Denmark

Among the numerous castles of Europe, the castles of Denmark, although not the ones to be in the top list of many travelers, are quite a noteworthy lot. With a lot of architectural varieties, these castles have made their places in history both as architectural beauties and also subjects of historical events.

Let’s start our castle trip with Frederiksborg Castle. Located in Hillerød, an hour journey from Copenhagen, this beautiful castle also acts as the Danish Museum of National History.


The front of the castle is graced by the beautiful Neptune fountain with Neptune, the sea God as the prominent character.


The sculptures are quite noteworthy although it lacks maintenance in some places.


The museum has some of the largest collections of paintings, especially portraits along with some other priceless objects, such as an almost thousand years old Bible.


Be it the chapel or the great halls, art and sculpture has made it’s mark in every single place in this castle.


The opportunity to view the great halls and also to photograph them is something which is really appreciated.


The next castle is located in Copenhagen and is called Rosenborg Castle. Even before visiting the castle, we were fortunate to get to watch the morning parade of the Royal Guards to Amalienborg.


The castle is a renaissance architecture built by King Christian IV in the 1600s and although not mammoth in size, the structure is quite elegant.


The inner halls of the castle are open to the public and it is quite surprising to find such beautiful decorations and artifacts inside a structure which looks quite simple as compared to other castles.


The museum in the castle features some mind blowing artwork but one of the most noteworthy piece is this model ship made from ivory. It is just perfect.


The treasury features some priceless artifacts such as this sword.


And also the crown jewels. Lot of these displays are actually replicas kept to better preserve and secure the original ones, however, these are in no way any less fascinating than their originals.


The next castle in the list is Kronborg Castle. Located in Helsingør, it is again a little more than an hour of journey from Copenhagen but is entirely worth the trip. The castle is mostly famous for being immortalized in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet as Elsinore Castle.


It is a pity that we did not have the opportunity to visit the interior of the castle as it had already been closed for the day. However, getting  to see the structure which is a prominent part of history and literature was no way less exciting and fulfilling.


The next castle in the list is again located in Copenhagen and is called Amalienborg. It is the residence of the Danish royal family and consists of four identical facades around an octagonal courtyard.


Although the museum is not as appealing as the other castles, the structure itself provides some beautiful panoramic photography opportunities. The Frederik’s church or the marble church is also a part of the site.


The dome of the church is nothing short of spectacular.


And so are the sculptures on the palace buildings.


The final castle in our list is the Christiansborg Palace located in central Copenhagen. Presently, the palace acts as the seat of the Danish Parliament, office of the Danish Prime Minister and also the Supreme Court of Denmark.


Some parts of the palace are also used for government and royal occasions. Few parts of the palace are also open to the public.


Christiansborg Palace has been built on top of the ruins of Copenhagen Castle which was demolished in the 1700s. The ruins are still preserved in the lower layers of the palace and can be viewed by visitors.


The castles of Denmark, although not so prominent as many of the other castles in Europe, have their own story to tell, along with their magnificent architecture, collections of priceless artifacts and much more.

4 thoughts on “Gorgeous castles of Denmark

  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! What a pity that Denmark is so terribly expensive! I only visited the royal castle in Copenhagen. We wanted to visit Rosenborg castle but it was closed. Well, next time… Great great pics! Cheers!

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