Jaisalmer – Life and people in the golden city

‘Sonar Kella’ or ‘Sone ka quila’ as it is popularly called, Jaisalmer fort is the prime attraction of the golden city of Jaisalmer. The fort and the residences in the city are made of yellow sandstone which under the gleaming sunlight makes them look as if made of gold which gives it the name of ‘Sone ka quila’ or ‘the golden fort’.

People are always happy and ready to pose for photographs.


And flaunt their proudly grown moustache.


Jaisalmer fort is not deprived of the intricate sculpture and architecture found in most parts of India. In fact, it has some of the best ones in the beautiful Jain temples inside the fort complex.


I wonder how could humans and their art reach such levels of excellence. Just notice the intricate and delicate art work.


This is some unbelievable work of art. No words can be enough to describe or praise it.


Jaipur fort is not just a fort, but an entire town in itself. There are royal chambers, temples, shops, residences and much more inside the walls of the fort. It is believed that over 3000 people presently reside inside the fort.


Lot of places in the fort have been used extensively by bats as their home. They are harmless creatures who have found their place among humans. Locals even believe that photographing bats is not good, however I could resist snapping this beautiful little creature.


Wherever one looks, its just a flood of golden colour everywhere, be it the fort or the city.


The idol of Gauri, consort of Lord Shiva can also be found in the fort. The significance of the idol is that it is decorated and worshipped specially on the occasion of Gangaur where married women pray for the welfare of their husbands and unmarried women pray for good husbands.


Although having been used as a fort, the architectural splendour and beauty of  the structure is noteworthy from almost every viewpoint.


Although Rajasthan is one of the warmest states of Rajasthan and day temperatures can range from 40-50 degree celcius in summers, life never stops for the locals here. They have adapted to the weather and their way of life.


I cannot even describe the immense heat that these women brave everyday just to sell few pieces of local jewellery to tourists and visitors.


Another attraction of Jaisalmer are the uniquely designed puppets which turn into a different puppet when inverted, not all of them though. But still, its cool, isn’t it?


One of the tourist guides asks us on our way out “Where are you from?”. On hearing the name of a bustling city in response, he says “You’re so lucky. Here we only have the fort as our source of income” and smiles in a way which cannot be described. We didn’t know what to say.


The Thar desert is one more marvel that Jaisalmer has to offer. At the end of the day, all that is left are the sand dunes and tyre marks left behind from the dune bashing that happens all throughout the day.


Jaisalmer is a place so rich with history, architecture, natural wonders and wonderful people. Just be there and experience it.

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