Mehrangarh – Fort of the sun

Mehrangarh, meaning ‘the fort of the sun’ stands tall and proud on a 400 feet rocky hill in the city of Jodhpur, a significant location in the western state of Rajasthan in India. The fort rises to 120 feet at some places and marks it’s spot as a marvel of architecture.


The fort is called ‘fort of the sun’ because the founding clan of the fort, the Rathores were believed to be descendants of the sun God Surya. Some wonderful relics still prove the fort’s significance as a stronghold.


Rao Jodha, one of the Rathore rulers, started the construction of the fort in the 14th century to provide a better stronghold for better security and natural defenses. The city of Jodhpur which sprang up at the base of this hill is named after the same ruler.


Despite the heat of the day, many artists can be seen at the corners of the path which lead up to the fort. All they want is to entertain the visitors with their wonderful traditional music and one really cannot ignore the charm of the sound of the instruments.


Once at the top of the fort, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the blue city, Jodhpur. One cannot miss the blue houses because of which the city gets it’s nickname.


And then starts the intricate designs and architecture of the inner structures of the fort.


The jovial staff of the fort are everywhere, ready to guide visitors, to have a friendly chat and of course, pose for photographs.


Each and every nook and corner of the inner quarters will leave you with a feeling of awe and respect for the artists and architects who created such delicate and intricate structures.


The time and patience which was required to build these structures and designs is certainly beyond our imaginations.


These mesmerizing structures stand as proof of the wonderful art and architecture of the people of Jodhpur and they also act as the present day museums displaying relics from the past to the present generations.


More musicians and artists are not hard to find in this vast fort, singing their heart out with a smile.


The fort is equally visited by locals as also done by visitors from far and wide.


As one huffs and puffs from the immense heat of Rajasthan, one can just respect the perseverance of these people who continue their performance each and every day for their livelihood.


Along with being a stronghold and a military base, Mehrangarh was also a centre for patronage of art, literature, music and was also a place of worship. The fort stands today as a symbol of the pride of Jodhpur and Rajasthan with the practices of art and music still being carried forward by the locals.

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