Hiking in Rügen – Cliffs and woods

Of all the few people who have heard about the island of Rügen, the first thing they would talk about are the chalk cliffs. Although the primary reason for visitors to take a trip to Rügen, the chalk cliffs are not the only attraction in this beautiful island.

Located in the extreme north-eastern corner of Germany, Rügen is the largest island of Germany by area and extremely charming and picturesque.

The island has the smallest national park of Germany, the Jasmund National Park. The coastal town of Lohme provides excellent stay, views of the Baltic sea and easy access to the national park.


A lot of the area around Lohme is covered with mustard fields. One can just float in the sea of yellow.


The place has a quaint feeling to it. There’s just nature, animals and wonderful people who can make you feel so welcome.


As the sun is about to set, the farms and their patterns create magical moments.


For those who want to explore, there are abandoned houses too, with an eerie feeling.


As the sun sets, one can just sit and enjoy the mostly calm sea.


The next day, its time to explore Jasmund national park. We make our way along the sea of yellow towards the woods.


Once we enter the woods, its just magical green everywhere, as if one can touch the lush greenery of spring.


Even the non-green entities add to the beauty of the woods.


The tourist center of the park is called Königstuhl and has an entry fee to get a view from top of the cliffs. We decided to avoid the crowd and the entry fee and make our way to Victoria Sight, a free alternative to Königstuhl.


It was just nature and nature everywhere, welcoming us in each and every way possible.




After hiking for 5 kms. to Victoria Sight, the path takes us a further 2 kms. to Kieler Ufer, a passage to the beach below.On the way, there’s more beautiful  views.


The cliffs are make of chalk or limestone and landslides are very common. Its dangerous to sometimes see the trees half hanging over the cliffs and one needs to be very careful.


At last we make our way to the beach after almost 8 kms. of hiking and its a long stretch of rocky and sandy beach for us.


And why would the sea gulls be missing on the fun?


As we traced our steps back to Kieler Ufer after a long walk in the beach, the clouds started adding to the beauty.



It was a long hike back to Lohme and the total distance hiked was almost 20 kms. Our legs were letting us know of the beating they had taken, but we barely noticed it. The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment was too much for us to be bothered by anything else.

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