Sunset at Santorini

There are very few who would not know about Santorini. Located towards the south of mainland Greece, this tiny island has drawn visitors from far and wide for quite some time now. With it’s iconic white houses and touches of blue here and there, this place has something for visitors of all kinds.

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience the island myself and I met some really wonderful people, got to taste some delicious food and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life..


Oia (pronounced Iya) is undoubtedly the most visited place in Santorini. The Oia castle ruins provides the best view of the place on a beautiful sunny day with extended views of the land with white houses, red cliffs and blue water.


As we walked around Oia, we got to see the beautiful blue domes, blue doors and other features of Santorini which makes it unique.



Most visitors would watch the sunset in Oia, but we got back to Fira as it was almost time for the sunset. I would definitely say that it was no less beautiful, much less crowded and had an amazing view of the volcanic island that lay just in front.


As the sun kept going down towards the horizon, we scurried here and there to find a vantage point for the perfect view. We never knew that each nook and corner of the streets provided a different and extraordinary view of the sea and the setting sun.


As the sun went further downwards, the clouds started playing a new game and created spectacular patterns in the sky.



Just before getting out of sight, the light of the sun started creating many more color patterns other than it’s usual fiery self.


Each moment, the colors kept changing and a new cloud pattern formed. It was just irresistible to not try to capture them.


Even the usual white houses could be seen in a totally different form with the black background of the clouds.


At last the sun went out of sight but still the game of colors and patterns continued for quite some time.


The immensely strong winds forced us to leave the shoreline at last, but not before it was completely dark and we had witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets of our life.

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